Message of Chairman

As the result of global crisis which started in USA two years ago and prevailed all over the World it is not easy to forecast impacts of slowdown of growth and recession expanding fast all over the countries in future and reflection of this situation to our Country.

States that have begun to take precautions rapidly against crisis would be recovering fast at an earlier period. When this global situation is taken into consideration the point that we underline is to be able to proceed with our investments without making any sacrifice from quality and to overcome this challenging period by working hard together with our personnel.

With its established company culture, experienced staff and powerful machine park “Haysal” has successfully accomplished a lot of investments in Turkey such as bridge, road, technical infrastructure, industrial facilities, housing, building, etc.

“Haysal”, expanding and improving its accomplishments via foreign partnerships and representations, has been planning to continue also its activities at international markets.  “Haysal” has been carrying out its works for the purpose of playing an active role in meeting the rising energy need of the Country. In the course of this process in which market is constantly volatile and uncertainty prevails intensively change and competition appear before us as a very important and indispensable aspect. In this case we, as a company, have been experiencing the changing process by following up the developments and competition very well.

In such an environment “Haysal” which causes others to speak about its name highly and with success due to its successfully accomplished projects has always possessed its consciousness of social responsibility since its establishment.    It has given schools and other facilities as gift to it nation with its contribution. “Haysal” which is a reputable and prestigious company has been proudly continuing to create added value with the encouragement of its personnel.

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciations to our business partners and our personnel who were with us and supported us from past to present.

Respectfully Yours